I have been waiting three years for this tumblr post.

It’s like she’s getting younger.

Me: Finally, a week off of work! I can do so much stuff!!!1
Me: *reads 500k worth of fanfiction*
Me: *watch 5 shows*
Me: *spends half the time on tumblr*
Me: *sleeps 30 hours pr day*
Me: fuck where did the time go
3 / 10 otp graphics ; taochen

#exo-m   #tao  

”Can you really not remember? Really?”

Have you ever liked someone with all your heart? Your head and heart are full of that person. When he smiles, you smile. When he cries, you cry. Just being by his side makes your life feel complete. You feel safe. Have you ever had a person like that? Kangchi is that kind of person to me.

I’m not brave I’m just a stupid cheerleader

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